Skytrim™ Fastening System


No more caulking, sanding, or painting required. The Skytrim fastening system combines the strength of a face-fastened connection with the beauty of a hidden fastener. It’s the fastest, easiest way to hide the fastener heads when installing PVC trimboards, sheets, and profiles.

No pre-drilling required. The screw is specially designed to cut a clean hole. Then tap in a matching plug and you’re done.

  • Countersink setting tool included
  • Available in Smooth & Woodgrain
  • *Choose from
    50 LF, 75 Screws / 100 Plugs / 1 Setting tool
    250 LF, 375 Screws / 400 Plugs / 3 Setting tools
    750 LF, 1125 Screws / 1200 Plugs / 6 Setting tools

*Estimated lineal footage statements are based on two screws set at each 16″ o.c. wall stud. Lineal footage coverage may vary based on stud spacing and construction design.